Yubo-Trade the sourcing company

Where are we in China ?

Yubo-Trade company is located in Yiwu in Zhejiang Province in China. We are close to major Chinese cities (Shanghai-Hangzhou-Wenzhou ..).

And especially near the world’s largest wholesale market.


Our engagements

For each task assigned, we provide the best skills of our multicultural team. Our role is to support you .

The team is responsible to research your products, control quality and ensure shipping. We take care of your project.

Why choose us?

Being directly in contact and in partnership with factories productions we reduce the number of middlemen.

We guarantee a quality research on all the Chinese territory and a full support of your orders.

We are also in partnership with the shipping company and logistics in this way our shipping rates or air cargo to all over the world are reduced prices.

Compounding this was our experience in international trade since 2008, which enables us to reply to all inquiries within the shortest delays.

All this is possible with our Multicultural association in Yubo-trade.

Our team consists of European and Chinese experts, we can guarantee that your project will be successful in China, allowing you to focus on the marketing aspect of your business.


Submit your production project in China.
You will get a quick reply within 24 hours.