Our import / export services from China

Yubo Trade your best partner in China

Born from an European and Chinese alliance, Yubo Trade is your best partner to secure your imports from China.

We will assist you in your first steps and throughout your project.

We take care of everything. We search the products you need, we negociate with factories, we secure your payment, and we shipping your goods. With Yubo-trade, buy in China is easy and secure! Located in Yiwu in Zhejiang province. We are close to major Chinese cities and especially near the world’s largest wholesale market.

For each task assigned, we provide you with the best skills of our multicultural team. Our job is to support you in all steps for carry out your project. Our team is responsible to research the products, control the quality and ensure the shipping. Being in direct contact and partnership with factories we reduce production cost and intermediaries.

We are your best partner for the success of your imports from China.


The quality of our research service

Our experience since 2008 in international trade enables us to guarantee quality research across the Chinese territory.

Fill out the contact form to provide us with all the information about your project
You will get a report on this research in the first 24 hours

Production & brand creation

You are now ready to start the production.

With our help, everything works fine. Our factory audit and quality control shall assure you.

By working with us, your payment is also safe. Indeed, we control production, the authenticity of the supplier and protect your investment until your order is fully respected

Creating your brand needs some requirements from suppliers. With our help, you will reach it more easily.


Quality control of production

Take advantage of our quality controls and perform a totally free factory audit to reassure you in your orders. For Yubo-Trade the quality control is essential.

A summary of the control and the visit will be sent within 24 hours.

We closely monitor production and organize transportation.

The transport of your order

We have established partnerships with our carrier to guarantee you the lowest rate price / quality transport for your orders.

An estimate transportation cost will be offered before the start of the production.

A control shipping will be communicated before departure of the goods.


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